elise-shop.com Front Aluminium Bell Brake Discs
(Exige V6)

€479.99 (€580.79 Inc TAX)

elise-shop.com Front Aluminium Bell Brake Discs (Exige V6)
elise-shop.com Front Aluminium Bell Brake Discs (Exige V6)
elise-shop.com Front Aluminium Bell Brake Discs (Exige V6)

As you might have noticed there's not much choice of aftermarket Exige V6 front discs.
Because of that we have chosen to design our own disc rotors specifically for this application.

Doing our own design meant we could optimize weight and we were able to design the optimal internal vane design for the Exige V6.
This results in better cooling. The vanes are handed of course, so rather than just an optical feature, these are proper handed discs with correct airflow on both sides.

These discs weigh 7.2kg each which means they're one of the lightest discs on the market.

We have chosen to have the aircraft grade aluminium bells anodised in silver to create a more OE-like look. Apart from that, silver absorbs less heat.. every little thing counts!
The bell design also improves airflow, which again means better cooling. All discs supplied have been torqued up using the correct torquing procedure.

Mechanical dimensions are equal to the original brake disc design on an Exige V6. There's no need to make any modification to use these discs.
The material we've chosen for this is a fast road and trackday compound. We have not chosen to use an AP Racing like compound as that would force the price up considerably and after all, AP Racing discs are readily available for race applications.

When these discs are worn, you don't need to replace the complete kit, you can stick to replacing the rotors only.

Price for an axle set (two discs)


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