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The series 1&2 Lotus Elise and derivatives (including 211 and Exige series 2) with both Toyota and Rover engines have a narrow filler neck due to their respective fuel cap design.

The filler neck was also installed with an unleaded fuel flap. Both these elements prevent the use of TUFF JUG dry break style fuel filling systems without the use of a narrow adaptor on the dispenser which limits the fuel flow and hinders the seating of the TUFF JUG into the filler neck assembly, increasing the possibility of fuel spillage.

This Filler assembly is designed specifically with the 36 mm diameter tuff jug in mind, it bolts directly into the original clam aperture without body mods*, and utilises the standard filler hose assembly without modification.
The deeper alloy elbow on the back of this assembly allows the TUFF JUG nozzle to fully open, allowing greatly improved filling speeds and faster/safer pit stops!

This assembly can also be fitted to road going /track day cars as a direct replacement for the Lotus item. It is fully compatible with the normal fillers in any fuel station.
Can be supplied with a locking or non locking filler cap.

This modification is recommended by LOTRDC to improve safety during the refuelling process by shortening the time spent in the act of refuelling and improving the connection between the refuelling container and the vehicle.

Available for S1 Elise/Exige, S2 Elise Exige and the Lotus 211 models
*For fitment to the the S1, holes need to be drilled to accept the mounting ring.

Model: PFNA

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