Vervangings schakelaars Elise S1 / Exige S1

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Vervangings schakelaars Elise S1 / Exige S1
Vervangings schakelaars Elise S1 / Exige S1
Vervangings schakelaars Elise S1 / Exige S1

The original lightswitches as used by Lotus were quite nice as a design cue, but were already kind of outdated when Lotus started producing the cars.

Over time people found out that the Elise dash isn't as sealed as is seems.
Opening the dash usually means you're looking into what seems to be a desert!
These switches don't quite like sand flying round and start jamming and malfunctioning.

As the switches are not available anymore we wanted to come up with an alternative.
Our solution offers sealed switches with a similar look as the original switches.

We have had our own switches made, created an electronics box for the switches to create the correct functionality and made all adjustments to make these work in the Elise S1.

Available as RHD and LHD version (that's mainly just the switches reversed in the front panel) but not yet available for aircon cars.

The switch with the white circle is a universal switch which you can use to switch accessories.

Model: S1SWPA

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